Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Design Challenge


The design challenge this semester is to design and build a temporary pavilion / student gathering space on the COD campus.  The design solution will be a site responsive solution that creates a social (architectural) space intended to foster student interaction.  This temporary structure should include seating areas and gathering spaces for students to socialize, converse, and interact with each other.  The pavilion should also be able to accommodate a small group or small class discussion. Intended as a summer space, the design solution should address shade devices and must respond to the views toward the adjacent pond as a part of the design criteria.

The design criteria for this project is as follows:

Concept: Design solutions should be based on a clearly articulated, thoughtful, and developed design concept.

Spatial Development: Projects should create a defined architectural space.  Solutions should be creative, architectural and spatially innovative.

Tectonics:  As this design project will be constructed by the class; assembly, detail and tectonic considerations should be explored as an integral part of the design process. 

Constructability:  Constructability and material concerns should also be a fundamental factor in the design process.  The intent is to pre-assemble this project in the CM shop (TEC 0009) and then move it to the site for installation.  Pre-fabrication and modular construction considerations are an essential requirement for this project.

Site:  This project should be a site specific architectural response.  Designs should seek to create a dialog with the adjacent pond and natural features.  An accessible circulation path running through the site must be maintained.  This project should be designed as a freestanding, self-supporting structure that can sit on the flat concrete pad that is designated as our site.

Code: The structure must meet all applicable building codes, including the DuPage County code and the 2009 IBC.  The design will be reviewed by the code officials from DuPage County.

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